As an artist or an art enthusiast, you should know about the latest art news, trends, and related things. Many art-related blogs might be helpful. Here is a list of some of the popular blogs in this niche.


The blog focuses on contemporary art. Here you will get critiques about visual art exhibitions held in different places. You will read news and articles related to trending art topics. It is a wonderful resource for those who want to pursue an art career.

In this blog, you will know about the works of modern artists and read reviews of their works. Using this platform, you can buy art merchandise and artworks. The blog posts 7 posts a day and has a lot of followers on social media networks.

Contemporary Art Daily

In this blog, you will get content related to contemporary art. Here you will learn about contemporary art events and exhibitions. You will know about the artworks of amateur artists. There is information about art reviews, exhibitions, and different trending topics.

Cass Art / Art Supplies Blog

This is a London-based blog that promotes new artists. The blog ensures that talented artists get the best price for their work. There are separate sections on painting, craft, drawing, and other areas of art. You will know about the upcoming events related to art in different parts of the UK.

Lost Art Press

This blog focuses on woodworking. Here you will find references to books and other resources related to this topic. The blog focuses on creating awareness about the art of woodworking. Using this platform, you can buy books, tools, and other things related to woodwork.

These blogs are an inspiration to many upcoming artists today. As a new artist, you can showcase your works here. Most of these blogs focus on promoting the works of contemporary artists.