Fine Art

4 Jobs You Can Have With A Fine Arts Degree

If you love art and know how to draw well, then you can pursue a fine arts degree. This subject is in high demand today as art is used in almost every industry. Here are some job options you will have once you get a fine arts degree from a good college or university.


The most common job that people in the fine arts department pursue is that of an artist. They develop a unique style of drawing and painting. They work as a book illustrator or teach in art schools. They can have their art studio and exhibitions.

They often earn by selling their artworks. You can focus on a particular area of art like textile art, sculpture, glass art, digital art, painting, and others.


As an illustrator, you have a huge field to explore. An illustrator is needed in many industries, including the medical, education, and fashion industries. You will learn various illustration techniques at your college.

You can create your illustration portfolio that showcases the different project works you have done in your coursework. This portfolio will help you to get a good job as an illustrator in any industry.


You can do any type of design work after earning a degree in fine arts. You can learn how to solve problems creatively. In your coursework, you will learn how to work independently and as a team.

You should create an online design portfolio so that clients can see your work and decide whether to hire you or not. You can become a graphic designer, web designer, or video game designer.


A fine arts degree can prepare you to become a good photographer. You should start building your online photography portfolio and a printed version of it as well to show to clients. You should develop good observational and communication skills to get more projects.

You can become a fashion photographer, wedding photographer, portrait photographer, travel photographer, photojournalist, landscape photographer, food photographer, or wildlife photographer. You can get independent clients and also a good job in any magazine or newspaper.

A degree in fine arts opens up a lot of job possibilities. You just have to explore the various fields and decide which one works for you. You can earn a good living after earning a degree in fine arts.