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4 Famous Gambling Artworks

Over the years, many artists have represented gambling in their artworks. They have portrayed the image of gambling in various cultures. Here you will know about some of the famous artworks that portrayed gambling.

Dogs Playing Poker

It is a famous painting of poker and was painted by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge, who was a famous artist in the 20th century. It is a series of 18 gambling paintings with some variations. There is a mixed opinion about this painting,

To some people, it is a masterpiece, while to others, it’s meaningless. However, overall it holds a beautiful allegory. In the painting, it is seen that the dogs are performing human activities.

The Cardsharps

This painting was created by Michelangelo. This painting portrays a street life situation in a very sophisticated manner. There is a boy card cheat who is trying to get the hidden cards, and another person is helping him.

There is another boy in the painting who is genuinely enjoying the game of cards. Here you will see different human emotions like anger, fear, malice, and innocence.

Card Players

In this painting, you can see two men playing cards very attentively. It is a 19th-century painting done by Paul Cezanne. Here the artist has captured an ordinary person’s everyday moment.

Argument Over a Card Game

This painting was done by the Dutch artist Jan Steen in the 17th century. The painting portrays primal instincts in humans. Here you can see the negative emotions, including anger and outrage, that is shown due to great loss or cheating.

Now online gambling is very popular. Modern artists may portray people playing online casino games in BitStarz in the future. They will express human emotions while gambling online through their beautiful artworks.