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Somrak Maneemai

"If you know the ending before you watch the movie,
it takes some of the joy away from the experience.
In painting, I improvise.
Pure art, to me, is in the moment of creating.
It brings me great pleasure and satisfaction.
If there is no joy in this process, I see it in the product." 

Originally from the Krabbi province in Thailand, Somrak (aka Yen) grew up in a small village in a family of rubber farmers. He left home at 15 to study art at a college in Nakon Si Thamarat and later, Silpakorn University, Bangkok.

In 2003, Somrak abandoned the photorealist style of his previous work. After the death of his mother, he found himself revisiting childhood memories and began experimenting with notions of cloud gazing. Gradually, a new style emerged which Somrak continues to develop and evolve.

His gallery, the Red Gallery, is located at the Phuket Art Village, which he established with 6 other artists at the Southern end of Phuket.

In 2013, Somrak moved to Hobart with his Tasmanian born wife and two beautiful children.'s just written in the clouds...

Current Works (Available)


Past Works (Sold)


DOB - June 24 1974
Education - 2004 MFA-Painting-Silpakorn University Bangkok / 1999 BFA-Painting-Silpakorn University Bangkok

Solo Exhibitions

2012 Something About Cats, Art Café, Phuket
2012 Mom Tri’s  VR Gallery, Phuket
2011 Cloudy Questions, PIADS, Phuket
2008 ‘Suko’, Solo Exhibition, State Cinema, Hobart, Australia
2007 Heavenly Zoo’ Solo Exhibition, Food Gallery , Phuket
2006 Boathouse Hotel, Phuket

Selected Group Exhibitions  

2013 ‘Blemish’ Duo Exhibition, Jamjuree Gallery, Bangkok
2012 Eye Look, Ear Listen, Vichen Gallery, Phuket
2012 International Print and Drawing Exhibition III, Bangkok
2011 Beautiful Nature, Queen’s Gallery, Bangkok
2009 ‘Ta-Lent’ Jamjuree Gallery, Bangkok
2009 International Print and Drawing Exhibition II, Bangkok
2009 24th Art Exhibition by the Thailand Petrolium Authority Co. Ltd.
2009 King’s Portraiture Exhibition, Queen’s Gallery, Bangkok 
2007 8 Eggs, Vichen Gallery, Phuket
2007 Time and Art, Central Festival Phuket
2007 Duo Exhibition, Phuket Art Gallery
2007 Amata award Exhibition, Bangkok
2007 Art Market Exhibition, Queen’s Gallery, Bangkok
2005 Sino-Portugese Art Exhibition, Phuket Thai Hua Museum 
2005 Dream Realism, CRC Tower, All Season Place, Bangkok
2005 Identity of Andaman Exhibition, Queen’s Gallery, Bangkok
2004 The 6th Panasonic Contemporary Painting Exhibition
2003 The 5th  Panasonic Contemporary Painting Exhibition
2002 ‘The Way of Art’  Exhibition, Bangkok
2001 Portrait Exhibition, Bangkok, Thailand
1998 Art Competition of Thailand by Phillip Morris Co. Ltd.
1997 Art Competition of Thailand by Phillip Morris Co. Ltd.
1997 The 14th Exhibition of  contemporary art by young artists, Bangkok
1997 Flowers and Landscapes Painting Exhibition, Bangkok
1996 The 2nd Panasonic Contemporary Painting Exhibition 
1996 10th Toshiba “ Art Brings good things to Life” Exhibition


2005 Third Prize- Identity of Andaman Exhibition
2000 Certificate of Honor, Silpakorn University
1997 Certificate of Honor, Philip Morris Co. Ltd.


2007 King’s Portraiture – Government Project

Selected as Representative Artist for Krabbi Province

2005 Mural- Hua  Seng Hong Restaurant, Ratana Thibet Mall, Bangkok
1998 Mural- National Museum, Bangkok
1997 Mural- City Tower, Uthai Thani Province


Somrak’s works are held in private collections worldwide.